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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

Vital Link has the existing infrastructure to setup process redundancy. We have in place comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery (BCP/DRP) plan in place which ensures the least amount of interruption to client processes in the case of an emergency.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Business Interruption Assessment, a robust process, which identifies Business Interruption risks, is a part of our disaster recovery plan, which aims to provide Business Continuity Assurance to client. Each of our facilities has undergone a comprehensive assessment. The emergencies that could affect our normal operations have been identified as:

  • Level 1: Emergencies that could occur within our facility
  • Level 2: Emergencies that could occur within the community

The following are some of the highlights of the Disaster Recovery Plan:

  • Documented and tested Disaster Recovery Plan with a corporate wide plan in place to address business disruption risks
  • Fail over capabilities for all vital infrastructures
  • Storage of data back up on remote locations and optional back up of data at international locations
  • Testing of back up data for reliability
  • Redundant capacity, infrastructure & resources at alternate locations
  • Joint project management between onsite & offshore team
  • Planning for regular reassessment of risk and security

Locations in Scope: Vital Link has analyzed disaster threats with reference to its proposed offshore centers, with respect to the following locations:

  • One offshore location at Mumbai
  • One offshore location at Pune

Power Black Outs: During power blackout, the work may be delayed by one or more days based on the severity of the black out. If the blackout exceeds 24 hours, we will reroute the work to one or more of our other processing centers identified as ‘Hot Site’ on client approval. In the event of temporary shutdown due to inclement weather, work may be delayed for a short period and the resulting backlog would be cleared within a few days of business resumption.

Business Resumption Strategy

Vital Link has a robust business resumption plan and the objectives of the plan are to provide a “Plan of Action” to accomplish the following recovery goals after the Business Operations has been rendered inoperable,

  • Continue the critical business operations that require data processing services
  • Restore the System Technology operations or provide a replacement for it within an acceptable period of time
  • Ensure service level compliance related to Production Support and Application Maintenance
  • Ensure short turnaround time in installation of maintenance terminals for operations personnel

Vital Link has analyzed disaster threats related to its proposed offshore center, which embodies Mumbai, and Pune. The main contents of this plan include: Presumed catastrophic disaster and Probable catastrophic scenarios. The following are the planned activities for identified threats:

  • Planned Resolutions
  • Catastrophe avoidance plan
  • Planned business resumption triggers

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