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Our Technology


Vital Link’s Technology team has a collective experience of 15 years having done pioneering work in various processes. 

We have a specialization in KFI (Key From Image) software and in OCR technology. For 95% of jobs we use our own software’s developed by software team to process the data received.

  • Our KFI software’s and supporting utilities are designed in a way best suited to manage the production floor causing less manual interaction for various job allocations.
  • Quality percentage in KFI software is 99.995% & is entirely parameter based. User has the option to change quality percentage any time to maintain the expected quality levels.
  • Various reports are developed in KFI software to have instant access of Production and QA floor activities. Due to these reports we are able to provide instant feedbacks to end users regarding their performance and their quality of work.
  • We integrate OCR technology seamlessly wherever possible in our KFI software. Integration of OCR technology increases the productivity with higher accuracy with fewer efforts.
  • We have various Online Dashboard Reports generated for our internal as well as external customers through which current status of the production floor can be easily monitored.
  • We have advanced reporting technology mainly used for OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) embedded with various KPI (Key Performance Indicators) due to which it is easy to manage production floor & generate ad-hoc reports whenever required.

Sample Proprietary Tools :

OCR Technology  

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) or ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition)

  • This is one of our software team’s specialties. OCR/ICR technologies are analytical artificial intelligence Systems that consider sequences of characters rather than whole words or phrases. Based on the analysis of sequential lines and curves, OCR and ICR make ‘best guesses’ at characters using database look-up tables to closely associate or match the strings of characters that form words.

 Expert Job Allocation Engine 

  •  Integrated resource identification & shift planning mechanism. 
  • Incorporates priority based  allocation customizable to meet client requirements


Web based online dashboard

  • Clients can view reports online & can monitor the project status.
  • Built in features to capture real-time details from our onsite and offshore delivery locations.
  • Restricted & Secure access provided to stakeholders

Flexible Quality Control Monitor 

  • Optimizes quality and reduces error.
  • Real-time Quality Vs. Productivity Optimization can be done

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