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Fun @ Work

Vital Link’s true strength lies in the excellence of our people. We follow an employee-centric approach in our organization which comprises of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Through our several people-oriented activities we recognize, encourage and develop worthy talents our team member’s posses thus bringing forth a sense of adventure and a dedicated passion for our work. We aim to have leading people culture in our organization. By creating this culture we not only attract new people but we also help our people to thrive and give better service to our clients. Our internal activities mirror these core-values we practice. Rewards & Recognition Program (R&R)

  • We hold a monthly R&R event wherein we felicitate and award individual work performances of our executives across all levels through various processes. These awards are given based on factual quality metrics by which our executives are judged.
  • Not only do we felicitate top performances but we also recognize substantial work improvements in individuals and award them specifically.
  • The R&R event also brings together our entire team comprising of our management on one floor to interact, address queries, communicate important updates etc.

Houses & Competitions Vital Link’s entire team is divided into 4 houses:

  • Red Ruby
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Green Emerald
  • Yellow Quartz

We organize various events & competitions through the year where all participate representing their houses in a true spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork. Vital Link Committees We also have 9 event committees formed from within our team members with an aim that the planning, organizing & implementing of activities and events is handled smoothly. The committees are given the liberty of proposing ideas and ways to make events better. Our events range from picnics, treks, marathon runs, sports competitions, dances, cultural themed events etc. Each committee works within their allotted task and hence builds a sense of collaboration along with enjoyment which always makes an event more colorful.

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