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OLAP System Software

Vital Link Launches the OLAP System Software for Total Client Reporting

Vital Link Outsourcing takes pride to announce the launching of the OLAP System Software for Total Client Reporting. This software will allow our esteemed Clients to standardize on a world-class query and reporting analysis platform.
Our OLAP systems will redefine business reporting in a more concrete way wherein statistics, data estimates and powerful analytics can be availed for different operational departments of project management & reporting, production, QC etc.

OLAP primarily involves aggregating large amounts of diverse data. We have developed OLAP system to make available all Productivity information of the entire Operations team mainly involving our Data Processing Executives and the QA team.

The system allows user to view and analyze Production Data in a multi-dimensional format, from any angle, in any combination, by offering a ‘slice and dice’ and drilldown approach.

The below specified Dimensions represent perspectives, or “views” within the context of which Output parameters are measured like Accuracy, Productivity of Executives.

By selecting any of above parameters OR combination of above parameters, Clients will be able to avail a Teams Performance

Our OLAP system has got following 3 dimensions:

  • Executive Level
  • Processing Job
  • Time dimension

Input Parameters for Reports:

  • Executive Name
  • Project Name
  • Time Span

Quantitative values from our database that can be analyzed / monitored as indicators of our executive’s performance activity are:

Productivity of the Executive
Accuracy of the Executive
By implementing the OLAP systems, our Clients will now benefit and will proactively oversee the Project Monitoring Process.

Vital Link feels proud to achieve yet another dimension by introducing OLAP; thus re-iterating its stance as being an efficient, reliable & secure reporting service provider.

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