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Claim Management Services

Vital Link is a leading provider of customized Claim Management Services. We have has extensive knowledge and experience of working with companies in the Insurance & Healthcare market to automate their claims processes. We have developed a Claim Management Framework solution to help companies realize the improvements needed to compete in this market.

Vital Links Claims Management solutions ensure & enable the end-to-end design, automation, integration, management and tracking of the claims process from the customer interface to the claims back-office. Based on proven, best practice process models, the Framework contains pre-built, re-usable process flows and application integrations to accelerate implementation timescales.

Salient Features of Vital Link’s Claim Management Services:

  • Optimum process automation, minimizing the number of hand-offs required and a reliance on manual processes
  • Straight through processing (STP) of ‘straightforward’ claims and proactive management of more complex cases
  • Tighter process integration of both external and internal participants, ensuring greater control of the claims supply chain
  • Process standardization, enabling claims handlers to execute ‘best practices’ and achieve more consistent claims outcomes
  • Process monitoring of the performance of the claims processes against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Key Benefits of Vital Link’s Claim Management Services:

Control operational costs

  • Lower unit costs by increasing the efficiency of all participants involved in servicing claims

Reduce risk

  • Reduce claims leakage through improved consistency, accuracy and control of the end-to-end claims process

Improve efficiency and speed

  • Improve efficiency of the claims process by increasing productivity of the claims handlers
  • Faster claim turn-around time

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